Preliminary Sketches

Free downloaded 3d Models of Star Wars 'Tie Fighters'

Modification to previous 3D models based on preliminary sketches

Testing compositions of modified models on site

Selection of specific camera views

Test renders version 1.0

Test Renders Version with Material Testing 2.0

Final Outcome


The concept for the project is to use free downloads of 3D models from the internet and modify them until they are no longer recognisable in order to create a new design.

The narrative of the project is based on the attack of London during World War II. The site is St.Pauls Cathedral in London and 3d Models of variations of Star Wars ‘Tie Fighters’ are modified to recreate the Gothe Bombers which eventually take over and destroy the urban fabric.

The project is meant to be completely surreal and serves as a method of learning how to control modelling and rendering qualities in 3DS Max

Designed and rendered in 3DS Max.

Rendered Narratives at the Architectural Association
3d Modelling and Renders