Section line drawings of options of machines done in Photoshop

Combination of sections drawn in Photoshop with found sections from the internet

Experimentation of juxtapositions of different composite sections on different landscapes

Combinations of experimentation to generate final composition for machine

Description of different components that build up the machine

Final Section is modelled through polygon modelling in 3DS Max to generate depth to details

Additions of new detailing to final perspective from 3D model of machine

Lighting tests to final perspective

Colour overlays

Details of elements of machine: 1. Tower, 2. Bridges, 3. Main Propellers, 4. Compartments for Distribution

Scenario's of people occupying different parts of machine

Final image of how the machine has now transformed into a mechanical landscape

Mechanical Landscapes

The concept for the project is to begin to experiment with Photoshop to generate quick concepts for design proposals. The general theme was mechanical landscapes. Line drawing sections of various mechanical objects found on the internet acts as a base for the design.

The project begins with trials of line drawings of sections in Photoshop, followed by generating a base image with lighting and details in Photoshop that is later taken into 3DS Max for quick polygon modelling of new details as well as detailed light renders. Finally, the render is taken back into Photoshop to create a final image which no longer is a standalone section but now becomes a landscape.

Line drawings and paintings in Photoshop.

Polygon modelling and renders in 3DS Max.

Digital Paintings at the Architectural Association
Photoshop line drawings, overlays, 3D modelling, Renders