The Performative Ornament: Technical Studies for Genesis X

The elements of the American suburban house are unfolded and re-configured with the cultural conditions of an unconventional community in order to shape a new environment and spatial experience for living. The project aims to define an architecture that stimulates rather than restricts its boundaries. The ‘part to whole’ notion of space is constructed as a series of stages that use the conventional shapes and rapid structural construction techniques of houses to the modification of ornamentation and materials. The inhabitants will perceive the public space gradually beginning from the exterior boundary as a series of parts till the finally reach the central core where they will finally perceive the space as a whole.
The Technical Studies will resolve the technical problems of changing between the dual conditions of structure to ornament and the seamless connections of these parts to create a continuous whole. In other words if the project focuses on composing the series of parts to become a seamless whole, the technical studies is a study of how the interiors walls are dissolved into a series of parts and how the connections can be made between these parts.. It will create the moment by moment experience of the whole beginning from a single solid wall, to the dissolving the house frame to the conception of lattice work to define a new recomposed room of different layers of surface that are performative and ornamental at the same time.
Designed using Rhino, Grasshopper, Illustrator

Tutors: Christina Diaz Moreno + Efren Garcia Grinda + Benjamin Reynolds